The Dullness Within


United States
32° 41' 34.6236" N, 97° 5' 14.9856" W

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Everyone wears a mask

I sealed mine with a kiss

So it will last.


The darkness engulfed within

Curtain drawn high to shade away from those trying to pry in.

They want to help in every way

But how can they when they don't even know my dismay

Honestly, I wish I could be who others see me to be.


I want to be all laughs and smiles

Carefree, liberated and relieved of the bullsh-t.

I want to be a happier, less burdensome me

For the broken shards to make a puzzle.

To be utterly sure and complete

But my canvas is broad, torn, old, and strained.


Best thing to do is cover it up with foundation and brushes

To paint over the inside and create a better outside

Play masquerade and try on different personas

Build higher heels of confidence to balance my life upon

Everyone can appeal with the Outsider

She is the opposite within and what I am without.




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