The girl who knows Sunflower


United States
39° 22' 22.7712" N, 77° 27' 31.4064" W

Beauty comes from the roots

And love comes from the water

This is my seed, my sunflower seed


This is my seed, my sunflower seed

I nurture my gifts

And water the seed that my mother gave to me

I never leave its side,

because my heart is bonded with it.


My mother raised this wondrous seed

and watched the sun rays hit the soil

And it grew like I have grown

This is my seed, my sunflower seed


The green stem grew vicariously,

Trying to emulate the differences

between having the same stems as others

but realizing that it can grown the same

but sprout differently,

This is my seed, my sunflower 


My seed, my sunflower

has grown in the four seasons cycle

for many years through the harshest weather

and yet it stands strongs

Where sometimes the steam is weak

but i know it'll pass and it'll grow


This is my seed, my sunflower

I am the seed who has grown into

The Sunflower

that you've seen grow but never got to know,

Beauty is in my roots and

love is in the water which is poured

with deliciously


Maybe when you pick this flower you'll see

its more then it seems to be

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