The True Me

The True Me

By: Vincent Picard


I was different, faithful to who i was and my purpose

but then all of a sudden my wants and needs surfaced.

the needs for friends i would never remember and girls who would never remember me

the want to fit in and take a puff of that tree.

when alls said and done, i lost myself, i wasn't he.


A shadow of myself, disfigured and confused in a way

nothing left important, nothing left to save.

walking around like a ghost, as if dead long ago

not knowing what to do with my life and where to go.

On a quest

to find my soul, who i am, and i will not rest.


But its hard for me to establish myself as an other

it would be like a monster coming out of the covers.

 i dont know what to expect, love or hate

and for me to change who i am i feel as if it is too late.

To be who i am without any restrictions or doubts

to act freely without fear of judgement and know what i'm about.


I'll take a stand and do what i must

not to make a change for a nation but on a mission to gain self trust.

to rely on myself not to change and compromise for anyone

not try to be like by everyone but only to be loved by some.

Time to take the mask off, reveal who i am,

time to become the person i was meant to be and take a stand.


Now its time to be true

I am a surfer, a soccer player and above all a christian

I am still young but have been told that for my age i have much wisdom.

I hate when people talk down to others because what makes u different?

We all have our own different flaws and resentments

I dress to impress every single day

todays a new day, why not try to look your best in your own way?

I like talking to strangers more than my old friends

because i feel as if its a chance to start over again.

i lose confidence when it comes to girls because of the beauty they portray

it makes me forget what i am about to say.

I over think almost all situations, what things mean and what they do not

if they think i’m ugly or if i’m hot.

I feel as if i'm alone most of the time but that doesn't bother me

rather be alone than to be a person that i can't bear to see.

I’m actually writing this while alone at lunch right now

funny how being myself turns me from being a sombody to a nobody now.

But thats the cost to be free,

thats the cost to be me.



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