The Real Me

Sun, 09/28/2014 - 13:24 -- zbooboo


Curtains have a vaery unique place in our world

Their soul purpose is to block something

To block something in particular out for everyone else to see

Quite sad to know that such a general object has such a dark and menacing meaning

Most people have a curtain in front of them their whole lives

We live in fear

The fear of not wanting to see what is really in front of the curtain

My curtain is blocking my talents and the real me

The real me who wants to make everyone laugh and have a smile on their face

The real me who wants to be outgoing but is covered by this menacing curtain

but i am not afraid of this curtain

Want to know why?

Every good show starts with a closed curtain

They build suspense and when it is finally time,,,

The curtain will drop



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