Fri, 09/26/2014 - 23:48 -- Luvsic



A girl with hope.

With aspirations and dreams.

Tormented by my own self,

But it was so easy to believe

That the true me couldn’t come out,

Couldn’t be seen.

Decided to hide

Behind the mask of me as a young teen.

The true me is an old soul,

So fragile and full of grief.

Believe in love and change

But people were really mean.

Picked on by so many of my flaws,

Because I cared too much so I became weak.

Decided to cover my heart,

Because I had it exposed up my sleeve.

Stood up and now i am walking tall

so the wrong people would leave.

I have so much to give,

but slammed back into times so bleak

I am a girl with a noble heart,

Why was that so hard for people to see?


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