Being Partially Deaf Is My Strength


The audience is a frenzy

Noise slowly diminishes in my control

I focus in

Standing along the free throw line

The gym floor stares back at me

Ball in hand, my eardrum listening to the beat of my heart

Steady silence is within me

I exclude

The rivals' fans

Who try to abrupt my concentration

Feet swiftly move against

The gym floor

Mouths open to reprimand my opponents reminders

In doing so, they ridicule my capability

But my focus is everlasting

For I cannot hear them

Disgrace, I no longer felt

I felt a strength so great

Within me

I shoot

And the ball

Bounces in the hoop

I glance at the scoreboard-

We are in the lead

The cheer of the audience is quite deafening

Hearing impaired is what the world may only see,

But for me

Being partially deaf is my secret

My secret to my



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