I: The Beginning

My mind's boggled up inside

sometimes I don't think straight, I don't know

so don't ask why

I'm sorry if that came off rude

I'll take it back, I promise you

Anyways lets get back to the story

how my life has felt a quite bit lonely

There have always been people who support me

but sometimes they just fail to see 

I have dreams I wanna fulfill

and I knew I wouldn't reach them if i didn't make one deal

The deal was to me myself and I

"Joseph you need to push yourself

don't drown yourself in lies"

So I stopped thinking negative

done with that sickness

don't wanna be some washed up adult in the basement

Reminds me of my mentor

yeah that's what he used to be

always constantly just giving up on me

So I always said to myself "never be like him"

even though he's your mentor you can do better than that, reach the rim

So I did and I achieved

I've moved on from bad memories

look at me now, I'm happy as can be

We all get down sometimes

and yeah it happens to me

but I know right now that my life is complete

I wanna move forward

keep on pushing

prove the people wrong who said

"you couldn't even make it if you tried chasin' it"

So believe me when I tell you I have goals and dreams in reality

they're far beyond from now

but don't worry I'll update you when I make it.


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