Reveal the Real Me

Every day I wake up, and I do my routine:
I put on my mask, and I build up my wall:
I am confident. I am perfect. I’m brave.
Nothing can hurt me; I will not be afraid.
I am happy. I am pretty. I’m strong.
If I repeat these words enough to myself, they’ll come true,
Won’t they?

If I repeat them enough, I will no longer have to follow a routine;
The mask will become a part of me.
I will no longer be the tiny porcelain doll,
That hides in the shadows, ready to break.
I will be confident, brave, and strong,
The picture of happiness, beauty, perfection.

If I try hard enough, I can shine through the mask
And I can break through the wall.

I can’t hide forever;
I must let myself out.
I think it is time to finally show
I am the real me.


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