"Not a Feminist"


This is what happens when I speak my mind.

"All you do is complain all the time."

This is why I can't be me.

Because, you see, to me, my life is just not complete.

I see the girls my age are wed, with kids, and happy.

And that's all I want, it's to change babies' nappies.

This is why I can't be me.

"Why can't we be just us the way we are for a few more years?"

I'll be 25, then 30, then 40, now I'm bringing myself to tears.

But that would feed into the notion that those stereotypes are real, right?

People would slam me and tell me I don't need to be a man's wife.

I can't be me because I can't make up my mind.

I can't be me because they think I'm strange for wanting a baby and a guy.

This is why I can't be me.

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