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Nina, I’m truly sorry that your beloved mother died. I heard the sad news from a close friend of your mother.   Why didn’t you try to contact me and tell me about it?
L’amour est un rêve qui commence L’amour est une chimère qui commence C’est une ballerine qui danse C’est un poète qui pense
It's funny how the brain works, Suddenly reminding me of the abuse I unconsciously tried to forget. Leaving me alone with the feelings of guilt and regret.
Laying down, too weak to move Looking up, no more to prove Tongue hanging, dry since noon It’ll be ok, he will be home soon   Nose is dry, and breath shallow Dark eyes, closing till slightly narrow
Hello reader I'm glad your here Do me a favor and lend me you ear My writings are dark and vivid This is where my demons come and visit Telling my ink pen to write the pain away Then giggle and run casing a muck I've said how my pain began When th
Hello reader I'm glad your here Do me a favor and lend me you ear My writings are dark and vivid This is where my demons come and visit Telling my ink pen to write the pain away Then giggle and run casing a muck
I cry, but only by myself Constantly I reminisce about us Red was the setting sun, setting your silhouette ablaze Your smile which shined brighter than any star   I keep wondering if you think about me still
“I want to go to New York” She says. I look back at her. My little sister With excitement in her eyes. Now she stands
“I’m coming for you!” A little girls says, As laughter and joy Fills the room. A child And a mother Playing hide and seek
Fireflies flutter deeply within while knowing he will flee again pierces my chest Desire swells in these lips which ache to sip of him
Life made sense to me when I felt your touch I thought you’d stay forever in my arms Darling, you brought me short-lived happiness I didn’t know love before you found me You took me close to a place like heaven .
SPINAL contusions upon final conclusions and delusions of sorrow that are rich and aged, if IM in reclusion i avoid confusion in seclusion from 2morrow inside of a cage, i stretch and reach across chasms of the deep, spinning a web of deceit and s
Nine days back turned I 28 Today you went away Though rarely you made your presence Which felt so strange and out of place And it's Corona and no friends to pay  the last to you of farewells  
Intellect breeds not upon the hunting ground of untamed innocence but rather in the wastelands of a thick yearning of the unknown One that slithers and slivers upon stringent of lost souls of withering promises
Feathers scatter in the wind, But they’re merely the thoughts of doubt. I let them go with the rest. Continuing on like always.   That crimson-colored sky
She shines bright Like the moon Stars twinkling In her eyes   And yet no one sees That those stars Are starting to
As far as feelings go,  I'm the last one you should ask.  I've been meeting too many emotions That I have lost my way.   Disjointed lines  And heartbreaks altogether  Made me a vicious predator
Sunsets IIThe sun is set; the cloudscape once softly drawnin gold and rust now fades to a single grey.  All glow has gone; the wind bites coldly.  Bear with your sorrow: the dawn comes slowly.
From her tears, she tells me she is struggling.   From her eyes, she tells me that she has suffered many sleepless nights.   From her frown, she tells me of her disappointment.  
If I could change times arrows course, I’d hastily retreat it many a face To sail beyond your hearts remorse In search of the pain each morn embraced.
The beautiful heat,  The scent of Ambrosia, The last affront to the Gods, The oozing delight, That which granted mankind ascension, That which the Gods envied, That which they descended for,
 The Mourning Dove 
I feel a deep, deep sorrow, As life nears its final page, The hard times that come with age, It’s enough to make a good man rage,   But somehow, there’s a special sorrow,
How my heart can ache for the lonely, Then I’d like to comfort them all, Hold them close Until their sorrow goes, This great big world Can seem so cold,   O woe, some end up alone,
Trapped in a glass cage, No room to move, To expand and grow.   I feel pathetic, And so hungry.   Squandered in a clear prison, I can see bright beams of hope.
Trapped in a glass cage, No room to move, To expand and grow.   I feel pathetic, And so hungry.   Squandered in a clear prison, I can see bright beams of hope.
Where does my soul touch my body? When I’m hurt why do I cry? What does it mean to be human? Do we even catch God’s eye?   Our time on earth is short; we’re born, we live, we die.
The day I grew pessimistic of the world I knew I could longer run under my mother’s breast and curl The moment I felt the undefined shadow pierce my heart
Got me singin' on lost love and revelry I can feel you pullin' on my heart strings Your touch got me in reverie   Call me lover boy Call me just to feel
"REBMEMER." Those are the 8 black letters tatooed on his chest. The eight letters that are actually "REMEMBER" backwards, So that every morning, when he wakes up on base,
 I see Brian's head cracking against the concrete and his chest halt, his brawny frame taking its last breath on the asphalt. I see the boy whose name I cannot rip from my lips with a gun to his head, and the trigger he grips paints the wall red. 
The dreams that I had;  they are all broke No purpose at all; I’m all out of hope. Blackness surrounds me I can feel my peace call As it hears my plea At last the night will fall. 
I never thought that  I would see the day When you would forever close your eyes And I would have to see my guardian angel fly away; So many regrets, so much stolen time
Weeping Small watery beads fall like tiny diamonds. Glittering as the sunlight sprouts from their surfaces in prismatic tints.
I am the bolt of lightning, Shocking, fast, and gone in an instant. I create a smoking crater, But of who left it I leave no hint.   I am the stormy ocean,
You were my big brother though we weren't blood, Through everything you always came through,  Now that you are gone my tears begin to flood,  Wished I could've said goodbye, who would've knew? 
My father passes. With him, my world also fades. My life is broken.   All hope is now gone. What can I possibly have now? Jesus, my Saviour.   After a few years,
My life is one great symphony, So listen to its melody. The drumbeat is my heartbreak, The violins are my sorrow, The low brass proclaims my rage,
heavy hope can be hard to carry, and an obscure future, dark and scary. here without you, why'd you go? didn't tie the knot, nor tie the bow. before you left, you kissed my nose
Walk along the tight ropeThat stretches over the abyssParalyzed by possibility And impossibly conscious 
She didn’t know, What would happen, when he came to her life She wasn’t aware That she slowly changed, to another person for him  
All this time I’ve livedin another reality.All I did was giveand I was happy.   My reality is notwhat you would expect.But I wasn’t taught to not let it affect.  
To the days...   I’m going to take you back many years, back to when you had very few fears. Back to the days of seeing isn’t always believing, and being promised candy is always deceiving.
I look back on the memories we’ve had sometimes agoWhen life was free for every one of us, both young and oldWhen hiding in dilapidated buildings wasn’t a survival techniqueAnd death was from nature, not a man-made epidemic
Clock is ticking…mind is wracking…thoughts are racing…  
i’m looking for something that’s gone once again i don’t know who you are, can i call you my friend? there’s a hurt in everything i say and i do  because everything seems to remind me of you
Love was in our graspOur love was not raspThis love was flow
I cried today, and it's okay In hindsight now, I can't fall prey To doubt and fear, or dark dismay Their dreary biddings to obey * I cried today, it's tough to say Just why I cried, I can't convey:
It has been seventeen years Since that dreadful morning Thousands lost their lives unexpectedly Hearts are still grieving The events that took place on that day Sadly presented turmoil and corruption
As my eyes rain this cold, wet sorrow... My heart yearns for a better tomorrow To feel lips brushed against mine Gently pressed, one of a kind. Yes, the cold is trapped in my sweater
Hey there Peter Pan, Come from Neverland, come to take me away.   We don’t have much time So let’s make this last
I wish you would Just tell me you hate me. Regret my existence, Abuse and berate me. Send me away With hatred and Scorn. Hurt me so deep, Down into my core. Curse my conception,
Frantic wings beating blindly, Bombarding the window pane. Beak nimbly tap tap tap tapping the glass it doesn't see, Jewel toned chest sparkling sapphire in the sunlight.
Salvaging dregs of past dues Leaves me sullen in nightshade hues Wrongly scathed and moreso accused  I dug up the backdrop blues  While laying down tripwire and land mines To mark the way back 
Having a broken heart makes it so hard to breathe I begged you to stay, but I ended up having to watch you leave Best friends? Best friends till the end? I guess with time my broken heart will mend
The world is a maze of good and bad. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad.
How can a parent not care for their child? Nothing but pure negligence on their part Sadly, there was a lack of supervision Right from the start A dark scenery on display With lots of sorrow
when i told you that you were so much more i didn’t expect you’d make me feel like i was so much less
you saw the stars in my eyesyou heard the ocean in my voiceyou smelled the breeze in my breathyou felt the galaxy in my bodyand the
Loving you was like;  running all the red lights Loving you was like being Rear-ended; going airborne through the windshield because a seatbelt didn’t feel mandatory  
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Upon the lovely, of America’s golden plains, her monuments of past era, made of steel and glass, tempered with the fires of hope; cast cold shadows  over astonishing rage of times.   
Mother, please don’t go away. You know how I love you… I’m calling you, please answer me! Please don’t go please not now!   Do you hear me calling?
Leaking, flowing, splashing over my fingertips, spilling at my feet Spirit bleeding Joy fleeting   fleeing  
Am I cursed? Is that why bad things always happen to those around me, Am I cursed? Is that why none is there for me, Am I cursed? Is that why I'm caught is a terrible web of dispair, Am I cursed?
When we got to the cemetery I felt bad about stepping on all the people. Even if they could not physically tell me, I felt like I was trespassing. 
You sadly drown in sorrow Because, you have been led astray Following bad company was not a good idea You have drifted away Window of opportunity will close There will be nothing for you to gain
Claiming sadness to be all your own Your only comfort in life, the sorrow you've known. Could anyone know the tear as well as you? Be seduced by the pain, as it cuts your heart in two?
Every time I write I just want to find a way To tell you the same thing With words that are new Every time I write I hope this time someone will hear me differently Every time I write
U n t i l  T h e  T i m e By: SeemsPoetic   O n e   l i f e   w e   l i v e...   One life we grow...   And In the end...
Dear Mother,   Why do you allow yourself such dolor? Say its for our sake but there must be more, Since every day I see your face drain in color.
Dear Old Me, Hello back there. It's me, your future self. Go sit down, Prepare to frown But know it won't last long. I know you are So innocent, Though you may be rotten.
There's something twisted and dark in me.                                                                                                      I tried to pull it out                                                                                 
IF I COULD CHANGE THE PATH I DECIDED TO FOLLOW    what a fool I was;  i exposed  the depths of my soul to you  on dreary cloudless nights when the moon was high  and the only thing 
Her eyes mask her emotions, Her gaze, as cold as the Pacific ocean, As she holds the knife, He begs for life,
Oh how I could certainly tellThe wildest of talesOf attempts triedAnd those that failed Of the screech…Of the song,Of the melody thusWhat came nextOf ambition and lust
I remember when I heard the news. It was hard for me to follow. I remember when I went to see you, My mind was still and hollow.  
I made a promiselong agoin the riveras we rowed.I said to youI'd never cryand crossed my heartand hoped to die....We got olderas all do,and distance spread
You often find yourself in a trance Because, you did not treat her right She really is tired of your mess Night after night She has drowned in sorrow Tears have fallen from her face
The days have been rough, the hours long It is a one-sided battle, no one can win That is not true love Tears have been shed, I know not by you That is not true love
Darkness strikes Nothing but a calamity Anguish, sorrow, and grief sadly appear What a major catastrophe Through the hurricanes and earthquakes Countries are in a state of ravage
No one, just no oneNot he, not sheNot them, just no oneListen to youOr they justDon't want to So stop screamingOh! You don'tJust don'tThat won'tWill help you
Love needs a reason to stayI prompt, is this the only way?To make it more strong and deepThe first time, I might cry and weep
It has been sixteen years Since that dark day Our nation was under attack Total chaos in every way Three thousand people sadly perished Nothing but pure frustration Along with sullen moments
Look at her, Like, you want to praise herAnd not chase herRender her at sightThat makes her face brightIf your look is nullThat will make her Dull
They drip and slide so quietly They are coldThe tears form a puddle And into it she looksAnd sees her reflection Such sad, dark eyes And the girl whispers Through cracked lips 
Do you ever wanna cry but the tears won't come?For the fear, and the shame, and whats been done.Do you ever wanna cry but the tears are drowned?All you left with is an angry frown.
She cannot trust you anymore You have hurt her deeply Willing to always help But, you have tortured her completely Everything is thrown out the window Fun times have sadly become a memory
She put her trust in you But, you have sadly let her down Always there and one who cared Now all of the joy has turned into frowns How could you treat her that way She was once your queen
Senseless acts of violence Sadly, took away innocent lives Nothing but mass confusion Filled with corruption and strife Loved ones are grieving in sorrow Tears are falling down endlessly
Love is a broken promise, signing away your life. Trying to find clarity; instead, finding strife.
The music will play and they will call me up front I'll exit my seat and wobble and shake my way The pictures will flash on the screen  And I'll search the families for mine I'll hear them before I see them
At 6 I never had a friend So when someone came up to me and said “Bare your soul and I'll give you the lint from my pocket,” I told her, “You can pay me by being a friend.”
She wore the smile, she played the part. She hid her feelings deep within her heart. She put on a show, faked her smile. Her feelings and actions are becoming idle. No one knew, and no one cared.
all the pain gets bottled up inside soon, you will explode. that is what I did,  I exploded and it had consequenses.  those consequenses where scars.  the scars seem to disapear sometimes but,
Alone and staring at the wall Surrounding yourself with darkness Hanging around the wrong crowd Has sadly, robbed you of your happiness If you do not take those steps And move towards the right direction
She may have passed on Never forget what she meant to you Forever was she your guiding light And she never let you out of her sight Very conscientious at what she did Because, she always wanted the best for you
I am alone. Or, am I really? What hides in the shadows? Is my fear truly gone?   I have flown through many ways, Speeding the only test I know. I move wrong, but I can't back-track,
Twenty sixteen Why’d you have to be so mean? All you seemed to bring was bad I never felt so sad I wanted you to treat me good Instead I was like a car hood Protecting everything inside  
All alone with my sorrowful thoughts Constantly running through my head Making each moment unbearable The silence only makes them worse Trying to think of other thoughts But they are no match for the sorrow
This past year Alice died I cannot remember my last words to her But I do remember how my sister cried This past year Jackson was born
Windows are closing Because, you have allowed opportunity to slip away Time will sadly pass on There is absolutely no one for you to blame You are living in a state of poverty And drowning deeply in sorrow
I never knew how much it would hurt I assumed it was an innocent emotion How can such innocence Hold something so dark June 23, 2016 The day I first saw you The day I fell in love with Rose
I never knew how much it would hurt I assumed it was an innocent emotion How can such innocence Hold something so dark June 23, 2016 The day I first saw you The day I fell in love with Rose
Healing the Heart By: Burgundee Pannell   When I feel low Full of great sorrow and woe I am in need of music to flow Through my fretful body From my itty-bitty toes
In this day in time it is hard to find a way to express your sorrow. But in my mind; if you dance, you'll be fine; and all you dread will be gone tomorrow.
Look outside. Find a reason why you feel this way. You seem happy. You seem serene. You seem strong. All I hear are lies. I'm confined.
The hazy summers in the hills. I remember when we ran still. They lay aching for our command. Longing for a road lined with adventure. Mountains in the way didn't keep us from wanting the sea.
Kneeling against these creaky doors,Lazily carving incisions,To take back my skin from the pain,Then I decided to spew out,A chalice of apparent relief,And fall into the puddle,Letting the tears benumb the stench,My insides clenched onto the despa
You are the reason that I am broken Thank you. For had you not broken my heart I wouldn’t have seen myself reflected in the shattered pieces  
A hard glare. A clipped sentence. A detached expression. A broken emotion. 'Why?' Hurt, angst, unease, trepidation, the eyes refracted my pleading words. 'Why?' The withdrawn tone tore at the veil.
I hear the screams I hear the cries But when I try to stop them The voices reply, "Darling dear….” “You've been talking back!"
I just gave you the link to my account. I'm hoping you don't hate me for this. But I wouldn't blame you if you did. To say I was hurt would be an understatement...
Once upon a time in the lavender fields shone a sun in the deep blue sky.   But even deeper was the blue that shone in that sun's ocean-deep periwinkle eyes.   As it kissed my face
I express myself in the rain, the clouds, and the wind The dark skies form above my head And engulf me, in its eternal sorrow
Heavy once again Sorrow permanently Permeating Penetrating Over and over The insecurities  Stab like darts Tears well up  Out of nowhere Leaking and spilling
Warm feelings Memories of smiles And outrageous laughter With silly wiles And for some A happily ever after Drowning in ecstasy Waves of joy  Washing over me Crushing me in bliss
Biting back tears Holding in gasps Choking on sadness And sorrow Falling in traps Knowing it would happen Faking joviality But in the end It was hopeless Your heart is breaking
The Breeze is flowing, following the day The winds in my face, brushing all away My amber eyes, are seeing clear Guiding me straight, through all fear-- But I call, I call, and no one anwsers
The darkness of this night envelopes me in its cruel hands I'm swallowed in darkness - sinking into a black put that deflects light or even beauty My heart is dashed into pieces each becoming lost and forgotten.
I wish there was some beautiful poetic way of explaining how i feel. I wish i could paint my words into a picture. But i cannot. Because i do not know how to make the feeling of absolute worthlessness,
I walked along the sandy shore, The tide tickling my toes. Wondering how you could want more, Than an ocean to drown your woes?   The sea is there to drown our fears, Its pattern never faulty.
All I feel is exhaust. I am quiet at all cost. Through the morning dew and the evening frost I stay still and watch life pass me by. 
Frigid, icy shudders Heart so close to dead Yet with her hand my chest it beats Warm skin against frostbitten lips A summer kiss to dull my winter sorrow Her laugh could make the flowers bloom and birds sing
sorrow, pain, and mourning every single day it seems to be storming  Nobody cares about me  as far as I can see   the days go by slowly  peopel run aroudn doing things unholy 
This is my tomb, a never ending void. A creation of an alternate reality
The simplicity of things have turned to dust,And all that's left are little specks,That you can't decipher.Making things harder than before.
Caught in regrets Pain, depressed A Chaos, a mess The sheer emptiness The hurt and distress It all makes the clicks Enhance the sensation Of deep nothingness   A glimpse of apathy,
I was never graced with such sorrow Until Sorrow did grace me He landed on my door step And what other choice Than allow him to retrieve
Dear me, Dear me Be weary, aware Not care so much stay out a little later Let the smooth night cover your blush let the stars whisper happiness and the wind hold your hand Dear me, Dear me
I am Exhausted. Sleepy to my Very core. Worn out. Hollow. Point or pointless? Friends: Pros and cons? Love, comfort, joy. Worry, pain, lies. Escape is easy,
Emerald amber mixes in between the eyes that I stare into, and pray I am unseen. Glass fogs and the words appear to be smudged into my quaking fears. Nose curved like a bell
Can I bring good into the world? Or can I only bring pain? Can I do good? I swear I only cause others pain no matter what I do I damage the ones I love And cause a catastrophic disaster at every home I end up in
  Alone in a dark room nothing to come home to she's trying to figure out why   Her light rises with the sun then sets when the day's done no matter how hard she'll try  
So please tell me all that i should be, im not cut out for this, ive lost my confidence with a hint of incompetence, at least i still have permanence, just like yesterday the thoughts of you are here to stay, as they leave me paralyzed, so traumat
Sorrow It pulses through me Taking away my life Taking away my friends Welcoming my death   Death I would find release No more pain No more hurting Just nothing  
Full of Joy on the OutsideNothing but Sorrow InsideHas my life reached chaosOr does depression rule itI have many friends yet feel aloneWhy is thatAre the expectations from others too much
Moments   There must have been one point in your life when you were secure, when your view of the world was unworn and pure, not filled with cruelty and utter despair.
He said he wanted a kiss, so I gave him my love. He said he wanted that, so I gave him this He said he would never ever leave, yet I'm all alone. Because he always wanted and I gave more.
When you look at someone you care for, you do not see their imperfections; you do not see their mistakes all you can see is the glorious light that they cast on you,
Worthless.helpless.Hopeless. These are the words rattling in my head As I lay down night after night  And fight the demons day after day. No rest for my weeping eyes.
The slightest glimpse of his beautiful face, The allusion of his angel like voice, Could send me to such a magical place. Being in his presence make me rejoice.   When it’s just him and I being silent:
It’s a metaphor, see? You put the killing thing Right between your teeth, But you don’t give it the power To do its killing.  But you don’t get to choose If you get hurt in this world.
Dear Addison, It's momma. Happy birthday. Today is the day I guessed would've been your birthday. I think about you every day, and I love you very much. I'm sorry I never got to hear your heartbeat.
There are two pieces of me,One of which you'll never see.It's shattered and broken-And shall remain unspoken.  
I was born as a boy with two siblings,
Dry sobs are the worst.   The tears you feel coming But never let escape.   The repairs for a sick heart Poisoned by your own stubborn ways.   When you know how much it hurts
I wrote a poem about a girl, And I though that I'd share it to the world. So That it would bring hope to the ones That are heart broken, And help them to find words that are soft spoken.
Orange blossoms used to be the sweetest scent and grew to make me happy. My grandma used to have a tree in her yard and every morning I awoke to the sweet aroma with my feet in dew soaked grass.
Like a breeze cascading throughout a city Like the wires that transfer the electricity Like a wolf howeling at the moon Like a sad yet beautiful embrassive tune Like a wave crashing onto the shore
The words fly at me
Through my eyes I see you
My hope is powered by the greatness of your heart. My smile is fueled by the sweetness of your words. My mind is functioning with the help of your rambunctious emotions.
i feel no pain right now but um sure im sure i will soon with my heart slwly breaking becyase uts bekiongs to you and i wont remenbrt this in the morninging how drunk or how sad i was 
I have always lived with strangers in my home. The agony of not having a true family is greatly disturbing. You see, demons terrorize my household.
I wouldn't call it envy. I would simply call it sadness, Longing, fate. Or reality. A slap in the face But constant and always stinging. The handprint left, so bruised a miracle could not remove.
I don’t feel like normal people (Or at least, I don’t think so) Simple emotions, certainly Happiness, sorrow, anger I run the normal gamut With the others of our race Feeling a thing
The sky lays low tonight like a blanket of a flag on a deceased man eagles fly no more and the world we once knew is covered by a blanket of dew But that dew isn't water
I, I, It- Stella D’Vine I have to pretend I don’t feel. I have to suppress the stress. I have to swallow the tears. I have to pretend to pretend.   I hate the way I feel. I hate to feel.
The world has a softly spoken sentence
Even among the noise that fills the room, the silence haunts my soul. Lost in the crowd, an identity becomes blurred and hazy. The tears don't shed themselves anymore, they too are trapped inside.
My eyes feel heavy and burn.
One day it's marked in your head, others, it's in the air. Like vapor, it lingers, possibly poisonous. It's up to you to let it set inside you, to take control, almost killing you,
I know what it's like to be lonely, angry, sad. I want to let go.
Fearless is the absence of the fear Fearing less is a message held dear Bravery or neccessity, the motive unclear Tongueless or eyeless, his silence impure A road less tread, a story unread
I’d always hoped the rain would wash this all away from me
I am strong,Even if I do not belong.I am dedicated,Even if I am continually deprecated.I am loved,Even if hatred keeps me shoved.
Driving home that rainy night, Everything was normal, everything was right.I turned the same way I always do,quickly running out of time before curfew!Almost home, just a few miles to go, 
You took them over us       Guys, Men all for lust
Don’t cry for the greeting
Again, I'm here. In the blue-glass-room. Thoughts, as I see them, are scribbles and tunes.    In my heart grows wide valleys, in my eyes grows green brush. In my feelings are gold pastures,
Baby girl bent and broken, bleeding,
A wolf alone in the wood, Not by choice but by cruel fate, A social animal without a pack, A mind consumed by hate.   Will you not take in the wolf? No, of course, no one would,
Why must we sustain ourselves and reframe ourselves to bes the perfect image of what others defines as perfect?
The angel of death is so very wise, because the angel of death has taken so many lives. So many husbands,  so many wives. To death do us part but the love stays alive. 
Behind her grey eyes madness laid
my room is crowded with feelings, and all i feel is alone. my family and friends, they just pretend that this house was ever a home my mother, she really does love me. she's the one who tends to my wounds.
The moment of silence lasted till noon We all agreed that he was taken too soon Some call it a tragedy But our lives are not Shakespeare And Death is no Bard So what sense can you give me?
Cruise through the blues.  Through the desperation. Through the bruised times and the glued decorations. Let the tune keep playin'.  No more record breakin'. I got room in my mind, dude, I left it vacant.
       A sorrowful painter never shows their work, wrapped in memories, connecting words unspoken.// Aching with attention, craving another stroke of the brush, gently gliding over rough canvases.// Leaking misery the paint drips, along with your
A lovely day, Dull yet gay, For a peace Prevailed.   But all was gone In the blink of an eye.
Your role in my life is irreplaceable Me without you, is the earth without the sun Depression is an understatement Pain is a quicksand, and I’m drowning in sorrow   My brother’s life was ended premature
I am scared and alone I wonder what death feels like I hear snickers and whispering at all times I see hatrd in the mirror I want to be numb I am scared and alone   I pretend that I am happy
Close your eyes, Close your eyes and breathe. This can’t be me, This isn’t happening to me. But it is. And you can’t help it, But what did you do? Why you? The weight is over bearing,
I feel myself sinking into an abyss. Help me. An abyss that holds nothing but darkness in its frigid dead air. Help me. I try to climb out, I try to claw at the walls. Help me.
I have failed. I was not strong enough. I was supposed to break the chains, Eradicate my burden. I merely shifted the weight to make it easy to carry. The chains still wound fast around my heart.
This feeling of depression, sadness, sorrow . . . Will this be the oppression of tomorrow?
Sorrow written with the tears tracing your skin, Desperately shedding the agony left unspoken. Sorrow that slowly consumes you from within, Greedily slicing apart the heart that once dreamt.   
ReflectionWritten by Adam M. SnowI am alone this night of flutter;confusion reigns, so I utter, 
I wish, how I wish, I could just dismissthat longing feeling, that search for a kissIts like I'm trapped between the heart and the mind
I've been strong for too long.
I keep it deep inside so my tears won't find the many missing pieces of my broken heart
Floor 89.   I think I'm dying, Could it be that I have forgotten how to breathe? In and out with every breath my lungs repeat
So Many Months Past And The Weather Changed A Lot. Never Really Counted The Days  That We'd Been Apart. I Guess Chasing Fairytales Can Only Last For So Long..
I am suffocating.  The elephant in the room is breathing all the oxygen  and my lungs have become too weak to function anymore. The tiles of my veins are cracked upon the impact 
We were two minds into oneYour fight was mineMy tears shed through your eyesWe believed that our strings would never be cutUntil I shredded it to peices and walked away
Blossoming petals, Sakura, Softly glowing in the spring rain, Shine! Shine in the midst of sorrow, A symbol of hope And new beginnings.
I started just like any other clean and pure and a heart that was whole Innocence started to fleet learned to walk on my own two feet
I feel the whispers of a time
I stand in the middle of the storm, Thunder roaring, rain pouring. What’s this burden that we’re forced to play? The game in which we will lose at anyway.   I stand in the middle of the storm,
To be humanity, You must fallow every step, Do as your told, Do this, Do that, To be humanity, Birds must cut off their wings on command, Dogs must die for the nobles, And cats must die when no room is left, To be humanity,
Tears roll down my cheek. They wash over my dirty face like a flood in the desert, Whisking away the filth and barrenness, Revealing the rich brown underneath.
My emotions are bursting out like a screech on a violin.  I miss you and it's this pain I can not hold within.  
Blind, Oblivious, Bastards     I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me     You speak loud words of nothing
Oh where has the time gone? The days have flown by   We had times of joy- We laughed together And we had fun   We had times of sorrow- We cried together 
Sometimes I want to cry but there's no more pain to be felt.  I breathe in deeply to let it all out, but all that I am is hollow
   Before the fourth of July. I never knew pain so severe. Expecting a few firework shows with enjoyable sound. The bright vivid colors seem to amaze us all and make the little kids go wild. Instead i ended up with the opposite.
4:15 on the E train.Say your final goodbyesHe saysTell everyone you love
LonelinessIt eats at me like aninfectious diseaseIt crawls on my skin and digs into it like bedbugsIt stifles my heart
Make Me ForgetKiss me so that I forget what his lips taste likeTouch me so I no longer feel him
  l Laying amongst these sharp blades
  And today I morn Holding the parts to my crushed heart, I stare into the abyss of my dull soul.
I lost that timeworn, white gold wedding band, the one that represented a broken purity that we as humans have destroyed. I lost my stern father’s posh shutter lens FujiFilm and for a while we lost track of time between then and now.
Rip out the seams Unravel the thread Cut open the ties We'll draw with the red   Scream until sore And voices are spent Fall to the floor And Bleed until dead
"For in that sleep... What dreams may come?"   Ah, but I know in my sleep what dreams may come,  they haunt me by day as black as the sun   For with your love went a piece of me,
Here I come,
Tock Tock Wash your hands.  Remember: paper, lines, game.  Paper: history, English  O.  Did I lock my car? Memorize your lines Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. 
Caught off guard; Shock held silent grip; A few sniffles emerged; Red cups in a fence with a bouquet Spelling the words RIP Spez. For the first time Teachers sobed openly in front
She hides in the shadows, this girl I’ve seen,
Sorrow The tears well up in my eyes, One by one they fall, This is the end This is it. I can feel the pain coming,
Burning Stinging   Fire     It hurts       Salty         Crashing           Waves              Spill upon the rainbow Trails of black   Snake their way downhill    Cool
When one speaks of loss, Words pour from their barren souls... Sorrow unmeasured.
The rain drops fall, caressing her face The tight curls of her hair unwinding Her eyes look down, words lost in space   Her hands cross slowly, searching, finding A small bit of solace in each other
If the beginning is the sunrise Then are ashes the end? Or is the end the silence Of men? When does the light refuse to fill And when does man refuse to kill? If this is the end is it saccharine
If I could change The World i Would change our generation from being Vanity slaves to Vanity owners of inspiration, the found hope of
Picking scabs By: Anyssa Q. E   -and there was he, standing tall, My vicarious, fretful counterpart;  Thrown to beauty, basked in awe, towards the cosmos spiral light,  
It’s so strange how things connect.
A white boy’s tears
Please Hold The Applause Just Close Your Eyes And Here The Thoughts Of A Young Mans Whose Pulse Is Not Great The Life Of My Life Is Unjust And She Lies But Doesnt Realize She's The Reason                                  I Lost Faith
I can't say one thing! Not one damn thing, without you criticizing me! Just shut up! You ask what I mean, I mean Im Fed Up! You push me for my 'own good',
The pain of not being able to call you The hurt that comes with not being able to see you The bittersweet light at the end of the tunnel when I think I'm finally over you
What is poverty you ask? To a person who has had to sleep on urine stained mattresses,
To hide in plain sightNot because you don't careOr I don'tBut because we have a secretA love no one can touchPeople will tell us it’s wrongSo we hide itIn the shadows of the night we lurk
Is it truly fun? To see them writhe in pain Your an awfully sick bastard What have you to gain? If i hurt you as you did to them Would you still be smiling And decide that it's okay
Out on the streets, I run by many things I run by the cars in their rush By jagged cracks in the concrete By hills of strength and downhills of bliss   My feet propel me foward
My world has shattered,
As I fly above the earth, thousands of feet over the ground, I see a desert. In that desert, I see hundreds of dry, lifeless riverbeds scattered across that barren wasteland. It is then that I realize that I am one of these riverbeds.
From the beginning I fell. 
  What wilt thou give me for ashes?
Love comes and goes Just like the sea shore going back and forth. It fills our heart up with joy then it tries to kills us, Just like the cold kills the trees. Yet we find love everywhere, look around.
I don't depend on anyone, my walls are in place. Sorrow always seems to find me,  slaps me in the face. These tears I cry will be my last, for my father, stuck in the past. He's lost in his pain,
Sword in hand, the knight storms into the fortress. Swinging his blade, he strikes fear into his foes, Slaughtering them, savoring each of those blows. Spearmen pawn their poor lives for his sinful bliss,
The darkness suffocates and it drowns Father please The whole in the ground is caving down Father please  
Tears rolled down my cheeks with sorrow, I felt I wouldn't live to see tomorrow, I sat in a chair with my shirt over my nose, Trying to cover up one of my life's lows,  Coach of the track team held a meeting,
I feel it, I sense it. It targets all my veins and reactions. My heart stops for a while and I can't breathe. I suddenly start to drop and watch as the Sun eclipse before my eyes. This is my pain. Can you feel it too ? 
tears shed through our eyes of innocence all of which we cannot see our passion and demon minds have not yet to perish but grow a stronger flame our thoughts so powerful and true its a beautiful tragedy we live in
Ever gave someone your all and felt like its not enough. when you cry at night and feel like no one understands. and its like you been on the same rollercoaster so many times. and your tired but the more you try to get off the harder it gets.
I met a fanastic woman last year A woman who cries no tears
I remember the city I used to call home,
Where have you gone ? Its been way to long . A nightmare come true. Everyday we search for you. We pray that you are safe. Only thing we want is to see your smiling face.
In its essence we are teased Failing to see that which our ears detect But even so, we are pleased The human mind holds no defect That with such synchrony And all harmony We can dimly see that
His feet were hard and calloused Probably because he had no shoes Torn and stained courdaroy pants Worn for the past 2 weeks Cracked mug found in the dumpster Filled with loose change
I do not have nine lives My wounds take time to heal They hurt and I have no pain medicine When I am abused, how do you think I feel?   I do not shed human tears But I do make noise from the pain
How are you still here? Jon, how are you still here through all my pain and all my tears, through all of the fears I've laid out right before you? I delved into my heart and rambled on
Why? Why, god have to take you away You were my hero in bright shiny armor You guided me into the light When i was hidden, hiding in a corner consumed by darkness  Consumed my pain and sorrow Why?
Innocence gone
I grow weary with every step I take, down the endless broken path. My head grows heavy with every breath, my vision blurring through a swarm of tears.  
    The dependency comes with a tendency for me to come back to you,
Being a human, I want things my way.I want to be happy, What can I say.But for some reason, it never happens.I keep trying, but my sorrow deepens.I look at others, they seem to be fine.Whiskey doesn't help, neither does doing a line.Life is beauti
numbness is what I feel most when I am alone. tears rarely streak across the flecked cream of my shell in solitude all the while
Kill me or call me here.Set me free or hold me down.Give me a place here or kill me there.Love me or hate me. So will you please...
                                       Sorrow   My heart is slowly breaking into two pieces. Nobody can hear my silent screams to my daddy, telling him to take me home.
You’ve looped yourself around me You’ve laced yourself through me You’ve tied your knot inside me You’re tangled up about me You refuse to let me go.
A joker isn’t always funny, A house isn’t always a home, A father isn’t always a dad, A bad person isn’t always an enemy. But twelve have passed, and thousands remain suffering. And by now it is Thursday,
Bags under her eyes, but ever alert Sleep was a luxury she can't afford. Always moving and never staying long Trying to look to the future, but the darkness of the past blocks her way.
An ash in the sky                            there's one in your eye.An ash on the ground,                            it's grey all around.  A fire in the air,                   there's fire in your hair.
I lost my grandpa,  one of my precious people,  the one who praised me,  raised me,  and also taught me many lessons of life.   It's been two months without him,  living in agony without 
Miles to, hundreds from Where my hearts pulled Where the sun drowns Where the wind doesn't blow, We sit in silent war.   The cry's cold cut on the brink of hysteria
Hello. My name is Hunger and, I'm a whore. I think I've seen many of you here before... Allow me to explain.   When the land, kisses the sunlight And, day turns into night,
Doc says I should start writing down my thoughts, Says it might help me to find the root of my problems and in turn, the road to recovery. Well, last night, I let old habits visit me and I woke up,
A winter night beneath the full moon is all that it takes To strike the longing heart with the sharp sword of sorrow Gasping weeps to the night carried by tears that keep me awake
You haven't talked to me in weeks And I'm damn sure it's my fault or another As I watch the sky stratify Into blues from cerulean to robin's egg And the people I pass are just shades in a jaded life.
What is freedom? Is it the light I see in this dark place? Is it just a word, or do I give the meaning to it? Is it the feeling of floating freely in poisonous water? 
I can't always realize when I'm wrong. I feel alive when the air brushes past. The wind whistling in my ear like a song. Telling me the time is over, the die is cast.
Why Me? Is the only question that lingers around me. Why Me? Coming into this world in 1992. Why Me? My mother is the only parent I knew. Why Me? Still believing in dreams that never come true.
She screams into the night. Howling in pain. No one hears her desperate pleads. Blood pulsing through her veins. Thump, thump, thump.
how peculiar it isto barely know youand yet still physically feelyour bits of light, your bits of darkshifting my gut lowerto allow abundant spacein my chest for yourunintentionally planted seed
Blue. Blue the drum, pitch and pang, Steel-stain rim, resounding clang. That which stirs the thoughts and actions. Haunting sorrow, dire factions, Resounding near, far and wide.
This is my first time putting my stuff out there. Wrote this when i was 14- 15. thanks.       red rose, red rose, oh what, do you say? For alas and alack... He took my life away.
So this is a story of a boy and a girl Who wanted to run away from the rest of the world Their lives were so different From the ones we all know They hid their emotions Never let them show  
  Watch the rain drizzle downIt threatens to ne'er endBut all wounds someday healAnd wings will always mend
Here one day, gone the next. My dear child, why so soon? The light of hope in my dismal life struck down by hunger. My dear child, why so soon?  Seeing your simple happiness filled my life with joy.
  As her head lays on my chest, I feel the knot in my throat grow. Tears begin to fall down my face.  And all I can feel is sorrow.  God will never leave me empty. 
I’ve been searching for so long Eyes brimming with tears Who knows where it is What I thought was my home Tell me O God Why did you punish me this way? Breaking all ties Leaving behind memories
  I’m heart broken, Playing more games, this is my last token, But I got change Emotions never spoke. I’m neck deep in pain, so I’m always choking
My heart remains as empty as the dark canyons of your spirit. If not for your words I’d be blind to your thoughts; for they are forever hidden from the eyes of onlookers.
Pain in my poor heart In pain like never before  I just need a hand
The bitter sound of depression slowly devoured my body deeper and deeper sinking into a new demension where the full ocean of sorrow was whipped again far, far away
Days go by from that day People were desperate each day They would show their stuff off They would even sleep in a loft No one could bring up the money No one couldnt even afford a donkey
Home was sweet once but now mommy and daddy fight. Daddy hurts me! Quiet he’s coming; it’s time for daddy’s special time alone.Mommy hates me, she blame me for everything.
(poems go here)Life is hard. It isn't all lottery winners, Full of billionaires, and perfect couples.   It's grity, dysfunctional, Slogging to try and make What tomorrow is better than today.
A soldier shoots his last shot.Letters to worrying mothers prove,No news is good news.You are comfortable and safe.
A girl sits in this world helplessly waiting for a reaching hand having no one to look up to no one to understand she follows the wrong things growing up way to fast her life is like danger
A few million dead War ain't easy it is said Just the way it is?
You’re crying and you’re heaving As pain rips you apart And I can’t help thinking Of how you do have a strong heart   Tears are gushing from your eyes Filled with so much pain and anguish
The written word, So beautiful, and so unkind. Brought to me by simple books at a tender age. Writing was inevitable. I learned to read to get away, I learned to write to explain away.
Sitting in an empty roomContemplating on what to do.Eyes filled of tearsA smile to hide her fears.Not even her closest friend knowsOf the secret she withholds.Blood running down the drain
(poems go here)
Life can be good Life can be bad But the one thing you can do is keep your head up high And your feet down low Their will always be haters out there
Poetry came in my darkest days In a rehab far far away My thoughts were a constant battle til  we met Poetry at first gave me my sanity Now I write to help To get my story out To reach out to others 
Stuck in an abyss, knowing I can’t resistFacing things without big risksEven if I’m bleeding from my wristsI’ll still look for happiness, even if it didn’t exist
Life is such a scary thing One minute its complete and total bliss But the next its full of despair There is no way of knowing why or when It will all come to an end Loved ones are lost
The wild outburst of love Led me to times where I endlessly write It was an urge to bring out the emotions That I continuously chose to fight L-o-v-e, a blessing or heartbreak, we all may not retain
(Fast sad lane of reality, other stories don't match with family, left lost on the streets with insanity, none realized the real, feel what empty stomachs got without a meal, split one time so he'll make at least a dime, bedless because of bed bug
They say that your life is in your hands and those hands carry your future, but in reality that future reflects your past and in actuality, that past reflects where you stand.
A mirage upon the endless sands The heat whispering for you to sleep Your body slows to the movement of the timid wind The will to survive has vanished like the waters
I am complicated. There is more to me than people realize. I have feelings. Do they know how much I care? Do they know how much it hurts? I am angry. Fuck everything and everyone. I am happy.
Show emotion? I can't Deep within my heart, Nice and tight, My emotions sleep; inaccessible I reach down Try to bring them out. Not far enough; buried too deep down. Therefore, I write.
guess this is how you master dancing with the stars a slew of ancient footprints in the sand So pirouette upon the roofs of houses made of cards sell scores of petrichor in little cans
Some people experiences love others can only see it and write about it Love is scary Love is so scary At any given time your own lover can leave you without your permission
I think i was eight when i started to appreciate a new world that had monsters, and dragons, and dungeons. It was colorful when i felt colorless insightful when i felt blind there when i wasn't
Onion Peeling As I write poems, me myself is being peeled. One poem by one, I find my true voice. Going deeper and deeper, I find my identity. Like onion being peeled, I dive into my world.
I am so young but yet I feel so old The sun sits high but yet I feel so cold Sometime I question the route I chose I question what it is that I behold I wonder how things would unfold
Poesía eres tú y yo. Poesía es la luz como la oscura. La risa vivida hasta la muerte sufrida. Poesía nos conecta a los dos. Esto no es poesía, es solo un simple gesto sin gesto, o tal ves,
Most say it is just words. Others say it's just for fun. Some just hear roars That leave it undone...
Darkness growing; Fed by her tears. Flooding her cheeks, Mascara and eyeliner Run; streaked.
Locked in a room, Alone with the blade. Metal meets flesh And rips it apart. Blood pours out; A twisted, red river of misery. Life is drained As she falls to the ground And becomes a waste.
Sorrow. The sight of a mother giving birth to a life that won’t live, ending. The wail that shattered the air. Beginning. The tears on her empty face drawn to a place that is hollow,
Heart thrumming Blood pulsing Mind racing Thoughts raging Demons pounding At my door Becoming one of them Once more.
Thinking the world is conspiring to go against your will Your closest relatives seem to be the ones farthest away The way you view the world has changed
~Give me a glass and our eyes will do the talking ~Maybe names could be exchanged ~By midday we'll tango,five you'll be flirting, and by six you'll be my ecstasy
Pain is silent demons, sometimes welcomed in our life Often sorrowed for or about The bloody red tears, that represent pain Are all but real, for pain is what you feel Tell me, do you feel pain from reading this poem;
Thursday morning, just like any other I wake up. the vibe is different. I have yet to find out, but something is wrong
I can't see you But I feel you I don't know you But I love you I don't want to forget you But I can't remember you
Alone she stands. Her life lay in shatters, Pick up the pieces, girl. Pick up the pieces. A broken mirror, It's grave on the ground. Pick up the pieces, girl. Pick up the pieces.
I thought I can show her the way of love, Make her feel untouchable like from heaven above, Be her friend and also her one, No more thinking her love is done, Give her that light that she can not see,
Who am I? What can I say? The sting of thorns dripping with poison brands my heart as life slips from those eyes that I thought I knew so well. In my state, I have become the doll that mourns in silence.
I’m holding onto pieces of my past My broken heart coerced me to resent Thinking of the time I saw you last Longing for the chance to mask your scent
When winter storms bring snow and ice and springs face hides beneath And life is draped in cold regret where jealousy sinks its teeth The road is dark and rough, though often traversed by those
Alas, Hear the stars that twinkle above me And hasten the moon to sing And glide o'er the branded sky Such sweet sorrow and endless abyss as never seen And awaken me dawn!
As long as its in the future time will move me toward it,so im going to keep on fighting, while im struggling but its worth it., tired of all the hatred,im tired of all the fighting, so tired of my own lies,sick of my self portrait, disliking who
Might you be seen in dreams that strike deep fear So now I take what peace I see in me To heal what pain may be inside of thee. As this wretched thing fights to see and hear.
The gray cloudy sky, swollen with crystal tear drops, rids of its sorrows.
To travel alone, Through a lonely desert. Everywhere you look, Dunes of sand. No one to share your company, No one to stand by your side. Tis a lonely world, this world can be.
This is Home By R. M. Otto
There is something about me That you will never see My heart is breaking My heart is aching And no one seems to care
There's a garden Grown by the Devil's reapers And they plant souls Of all earth's little creatures They'll give you the peace You wouldn't find in any preacher
Your hand holds mine so tightly I think you might crush it But I know we both need it Our hands are an anchor To know we're both there There for each other There forever in each other's hearts
Bright smiles, Dreamy eyes, Wind blown hair, Stomach butterflies; Intertwined hands, Never-let-go hugs, Warmth of the kiss, Oh, the effects of Love.
She couldn't fight against her own mind This schizophrenic beauty She couldn't find anywhere to hide It was only her fantasy
I was sixteen when I was stolen. Taken from the life of those who loved me... I know they still seek me. I wandered through life never thinking too much, I was being watched, I was desired, and then they took me.
Tip, Tap, sharp pebbles fly blistering as they hit; slices that never heal, incurable. Severed from reality, a shun full of force. "Freak" "A joke"
Rain slithers along my body, Mixing in with the blood seeping through my wounds, Smoke filling my lungs as I make a run for the forest, Bushes consume me, Soil soaking up crimson, Droplets staining the grass,
The silent song of sorrows played with ease, As her tribal dress swayed along the breeze Her feet dug deep into the earth with every stomp In her native tongue she spoke a vicious taunt,
if darkness is night and morning is light ill take all the dark  and bring You to My light if spirits fly and bodies weep ill give Your body strength to sleep if wills do bend and bleed and break 
My love, won't you be with me When you're back from a hundred years Even though my heart is a prison Please break me free from my grieving prison With your beauty and your love for me my love
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