Tears of My Subconscious

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 20:21 -- jrnw99

All this time I’ve lived
in another reality.
All I did was give
and I was happy.


My reality is not
what you would expect.
But I wasn’t taught
to not let it affect.


It is a neverland
where I remain.
I am frozen and
never detained.


They all love
my warm hugs.
They don’t know of
my addictive drug.


My mind tried
to tell me something.
But I cried
when I felt nothing.


It seems you are
still froze in the cold.
I was the one star
who turned that ice into gold.


There is an error
in my mind.
Yet I am the bearer
of being confined.


Perhaps it is
true that I hide.
I am the witness
to my being blind.


Maybe I am
stuck in time.
I am the damn
cause of this crime.


I did no wrong
but I feel guilty.
Maybe my song
drove me lonely.


I am caught up
in a fantasy.
And the holdup
is my jealousy.


I don’t mean
to cause harm.
But lately I’ve seen
your charm.


Yes, I know
that I should assert.
But my sorrow
is caused by your invert.


It seems you listen,
but you also forget.
You have good reason
but then you neglect.


It seems that
I am drifted.
Where are you at
when my heart has shifted?


Have you grown
further away?
Don’t leave me alone
when I want to stay.


If only I could wake
then I would conceive.
But my color is opaque
and you still deceive.


Dear little girl
you know what to do.
White Angelic pearl
and tar residue.


Come out
from your psyche.
You can’t live without


Rise from the light
my sweet hell.
They are alright,
but now you fell.


Did you think
it would be easy?
You’re on the brink
of this sanity.


Never forget
why you cry.
It is regret
that fills your high.


The tears of my subconscious
seem to never lie.

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