Idiosyncrasies of Exceptional Poetry


United States
27° 14' 39.8436" N, 80° 20' 16.8756" W

Most say it is just words.
Others say it's just for fun.
Some just hear roars
That leave it undone...

Some cases include escapism.
Where the soul sheds pain
To better support realism.
And keep their life sane...

Many use its perfection.
Like an empty message that
Stores a lot of intention
And leaves our reality flat...

I have my own reasons.
Peculiarities of preference.
Varying through the seasons.
Using my mind as reference.

The heart is the hand.
Education is a door.
The mind is the key.
And the art, the lock...

The human heart decides
what the owner will do.
It makes sure that your fights
Will bring the joy to you.

Education is the knowledge,
Knowledge is the power.
Schools are double-edged
Swords for those who cower.

The mind and brain are one.
They give you the sight
To smell what you have sung,
And feel the Light's might.

Now Art, is the soul's link.
It's the journey and yet the destination.
Never ever letting you sink,
Proliferating gorgeous imperfections...

In Art's Edenic garden
Poetry permeates the diamond roots.
Roots of trees and flowers
Full of Pleasure, Beauty and Muse...

I love poetry without reason
And no doubt it loves me.
And for a universe of reasons
Is why a poet, I'll always be...


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