Running Past

Out on the streets, I run by many things

I run by the cars in their rush

By jagged cracks in the concrete

By hills of strength and downhills of bliss


My feet propel me foward

The faster they go the farther I will be

From the pain of yesterday, haunting me

Running for a better tomorrow


Racing heart leads to redemption

Pounding chest to satisfaction and joy

I run to a place where that's all I feel

To a place where my wounds can heal


With each mile I progress into light

With each breath I release what rots within

With each step I get a new chance

With each minute I forgive and forget


I run by the same places each time

The houses, the buildings, the trees

All things I've already seen

But each run wipes the slate clean


I run by sorrow

I run by failure

I run by frustration

I run by many things

I run by the old me

I am running past my past






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