Heaven Has No Weight

The music will play and they will call me up front

I'll exit my seat and wobble and shake my way

The pictures will flash on the screen 

And I'll search the families for mine

I'll hear them before I see them

Everyone will shout and call my name -

Everyone but you.

God ordained that before I was called on stage

Heaven would call to you.


Maybe you watch from above

Or maybe you're too busy praising

But I would hope that for an instant

I would feel your pride in me blazing

That in my floral summer dress

And the curls I worked to perfect

I would hear you saying

That phrase I so often miss

That I get prettier and prettier 

Everytime you see me, 

But mostly, that you see me.


And as I sense your absense

In the pictures that we take

I pray I would feel your love

Like a hug with your heartbeat 

Against my face.


I am not one to argue

With the sovereignty of God

Over my 17 years he has taught me

That when life seemed unpredictable,

He was always in control.


But the love that stirs within me

Begs me to not neglect

I owe you a tearful hug

And you owe me a "congratulations"

For sticking to the end.


Who knew that a cheesy greeting card

And a toothy smile

And a simple phrase

Could carry so much weight?


Here on earth these are so heavy

But heaven has no weight

There you have all you need

So while I bear this burden of 

Everything I miss,


I'll keep in mind that while you are far away,

You are near.

Your words remain in my head

And your smile is permanently etched

In my mind's sphere.


The greatest blessing you ever gave me

I'll have on that expected day:

I'll put on both cap and gown

And the taste of heaven that is your memory

And remember that heaven has no weight.



This poem is about: 
My family


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