And today i morn


And today I morn

Holding the parts to my crushed heart,

I stare into the abyss of my dull soul.

The feelings I held so dear to me,

now withering.

Chipping away,

revealing a dark hatred. 

Jealousy stirring inside me,

breaking me.


Looking through the cracked mirror that dares to show me,

 the light of this disfigured form.

It’s hideous. 

How could anyone accept this monstrosity I see before me? 

Like chains constricted around my arms,

I am trapped.


The ocean held back by the damn,

but for how long?

With each passing thought,

each passing memory,

a new crack is welcomed upon the beaten stone. 


Its seeps of the blood I want to spill and smear,

Paint a message that will never be forgotten.

Oh but how easy a stain is washed. 

Faded away like a print in the sand. 


As I open the door and pear out,

my body burns.

The closer I get to heavens light, 

the more I am blinded. 

Chard to a crisp.


But now the road has ended and the plug has been pulled,

My desired path so close, yet the world declines.

I have hit the wall, bled my fists upon it. 

Now it is time to except...

So I morn.


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