Forever Trapped

Trapped in a glass cage,

No room to move,

To expand and grow.


I feel pathetic,

And so hungry.


Squandered in a clear prison,

I can see bright beams of hope.

Radiant with their colors of creativity,

And large shiny smiles.


Immediately, I hurl myself into the cube,

Trying to get out of this nightmare.

Crack-The wall fractures and I can finally feel the cool air fill my heat-constricted lungs.

However, my newly-born smile dies as the glass heals itself.


No more do I feel gentle air in my body.

I only feel heat and a burning in my throat; a raging conflagration consumes me.

Finally, I lose myself.

My body is no longer mine.

I cannot control myself as my limbs keep running back and forth into the stubborn glass.


Pain inflames my body, but it keeps going until I can no longer physically stand.

The glass never fully breaks.

Bruised, I look up through my blood-coated eyelashes at the bright beams of hope.


I fall to my knees at the sight of them.

I fall down, down, down.

No longer are their eyes kind,

Their welcoming smiles have turned sharp and cruel.

They laugh and laugh with their colors and shapes flying around them.

I must look like a bug to them,

Trapped in my own heavy clouds of grey and black,

Rolling in my own insanity and darkness.


Their laughter goes on until the sight of my tears have bored them,

 And they all just fade, fade, fade away.


I realize what I am: Forever Trapped.


Finally, I do what I need to. I let go.









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