With Every Note, There`s a Story Held Within


In its essence we are teased

Failing to see that which our ears detect

But even so, we are pleased

The human mind holds no defect

That with such synchrony

And all harmony

We can dimly see that

With every note, there`s a story held within


In the death of every note

There remains a path for more to follow

Colors seemingly afloat

Amidst a sky which bears all hollow

Emptiness amongst a site we must imagine

The idea slowly grows

And we begin to know

That with every note, there is a world held within


It can burn the heart with sorrow

And dress the wound with glee

These emotions it seeks to borrow

And return them gracefully

We hold them dear, for when they come

They escape as fleeting memories

And that amongst their origins

It becomes clearer now... 


Our eyes may not detect such colors

But our minds do so vividly

Basking in its warm embrace

Such emotions intertwining carefully

Forming a newer world and ideal character

That comes and goes so swift and steadily

It becomes a gift to those who see that which is hidden

Those who can see

That with every note, there is a story held within.


(My poem about the beauty of music. Music means a lot to me and is in all honesty, my driving force. I hope you all enjoy the poem!)











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