Black Veil

Darkness growing;
Fed by her tears.
Flooding her cheeks,
Mascara and eyeliner
Run; streaked.

Her heart is aching
And forced to face her fears
She shrieks.
The misery, can she conquer,
Or forever be piqued?

Clad in black;
Dressed to kill.
Yet there to suffer,
In the rain, by the six foot hole.
Cloaked by the black veil.

She wants her life back,
Yet, time; it stands still.
The darkness; becoming larger
As her love, he stole,
And thus left her in an sorrow-walled jail.

The body is lowered,
And she begins to fall.
On the ground, cloaked with muck,
She doesn’t worry about appearances.
Rain drops splash about her
As she just stares; wide eyed.
Becoming cold; she just joined
Her love in the ground.


shadow lilly

I loved was soo true. I feel you pain


This is truly a great piece! Lethologica is rare for me.

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