I made a promise
long ago
in the river
as we rowed.
I said to you
I'd never cry
and crossed my heart
and hoped to die.
We got older
as all do,
and distance spread
between me and you.
I told you we
would never part
so that we would
conjoin our hearts.
Now we face
again on this street,
holding hands-
a simple meet.
You turn to me
with fulfilled eyes
and say one thing
that is my demise.
"We can never
leave again,
staying close,
always friends.
We can never
part again,
walking together
now and then."
So I'll cross my heart
and hope to die,
but what will happen
if I lie?
Why can you
be so sincere
while I lay in agony
on the pier?
Regardless of
a promise we make,
I can never
give nor take.
I'm succumbed
to the death I live
by a promise
that I fibbed.
I lied to you
on that first day.
I cried and cried
out by the bay.
It's because you left
that I cried over you.
I broke our promise
and my time was due.
Now I lay
in a dark, old grave,
crying over
the lies I've made.
If I could
go back in time,
I would surely
stop my lie. 

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