Alas, I listen to thee

Hear the stars that twinkle above me
And hasten the moon to sing
And glide o'er the branded sky
Such sweet sorrow and endless abyss as never seen
And awaken me dawn!
Awaken and revere to me your sweet passions
And sweet sorrows as the moon and stars doth mirror in yours
For such ever twins as were to be
Then the stars, such glinting beauty
And the dawn for weepful goodbyes with the hopes and dreams of the new morrow.

Speak to me, red moon! To me red sky and star alike
Red for passion and love and sorrow and misery
Red for blood and red for love
And white that blinks in snow and star, in shaft of light and whirling afar
Fear not for me; who 'tis the ear of the world
Who beseeches thee and thy together
And lets the cadence of the stars and the lullaby of the moon
And the serenade of the dawn be all that she hears.



This is literally amazing, your way with words and use of vocabulary is truly spectacular. I envy the fact your langue is so sensory and word choice is so engaging. (:

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