Life As A Middle School Kid


Life can be good

Life can be bad

But the one thing you can do is keep your head up high

And your feet down low

Their will always be haters out there

They keep me strong and the more stuff i do to help out the community the more they look down on at.

I'm like you can't be mad if I'm trying to help and make it a better place for the new generation

But there was one day I did thought they were right. I thought everything I was doing was wrong just, because one stupid boy said “why don't you do everyone a favor and kill yourself"? It took me months too get it out of my head. It was kept replaying in my head everyday and night, I finely told one of my guy friends what he had said and started too cry. He didn't want me too kill myself. I finely realized I do have people out there caring about me. He stood up for me and told him that's not cool but the stupid guy said "it was a joke". I didn't take it as a joke it was really emotional for me and it still is when I think about it.    

I'm writing this because bullying is really getting out of head. I wish the best who is going to read this.


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