Take Time's Hand

This past year Alice died

I cannot remember my last words to her

But I do remember how my sister cried

This past year Jackson was born

I held him close, felt him stir

and I had a bit less to mourn

This past year Adam and Cathy filed for a divorce

A surprise to us all

But their marriage "Had just taken its course"

This past year my grandparents celebrated 20 years together

and though their celebration seemed small

They know they will be forever

Last year time cut the fabric of life apart

tore it to pieces and left it seemingly irreparable

But then time pieced it back together

In new patterns and shapes, creating a work of art

What many cannot understand

is that time is not full of cruelty and malice

But rather of healing and solace

Time causes pain and heartbreak

to those who only look to the past

to "the good ol' days"

But time gives new life

to those who look to the future

to "what's in store"

Time heals those who understand

with each winter comes a new spring

Because when one sees the beauty of time

they see the beauty of being alive

Time pulls with merciless strides

on those who fight against her

But to those who willingly take her hand

she happily guides


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