My heart is slowly breaking into two pieces.

Nobody can hear my silent screams to my daddy, telling him to take me home.

I cannot sleep otherwise I fear I will drown in my own tears.

As I silently cry myself to sleep each night,

I feel an agonizing pain as if someone were stabbing me in the heart.

No one can hear my silent screams.

No one can see the invisible tears rolling down my cheeks or the saddened look in my eye.

No one can hear the loud cracking that are my lungs breaking into a million pieces,

Or my heart disintegrating into nothingness.

No one can feel the anger inside me as I clench my fists so hard they could also break into a million pieces.

No one cares for my feelings but my daddy, whom I need in order to ever smile again.

Soon we will meet again.

Soon we will reunite and no tears of sorrow will again roll down my face,

But tears of joy and relief.

xvbSoon I will have that smile again,

And so will my daddy.



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