Love is so scary

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 19:48 -- SUClark


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Some people experiences love
others can only see it and write about it

Love is scary

Love is so scary
At any given time your own lover can leave
you without your permission

Love is so scary
It can leave you emotionally detached
from strangers, friends, and the world

Love is so scary
Before it can even occur you are doubting its existence
Projecting multiple escape routes for yourself or for the other person

Love is so scary you prepare in advance for the break out, divorce,
seperation, and then previously receive ideas from friends that are close to you.

Love is so scary
It's easier to think of negative impacts than the possible

Love is so scary people kill their lover, kids, and then themsleves

Love is so scary years of friendship is destroyed because of it

Love is so scary it only takes the strongest lovers to make all those stories
and situations known to humanity something to read about and disregard

Because love is HOPE!



i wasnt inspired to write this, but to get it out of my head onto paper well into my phone notes. lol. I was working and the word love out of all the other millions of things i was thinking on enlarged and consumed me. I began to think about it the negatives, my own experiences, the person i am courting, and began to type the negative results of love. But at the end of these negative experiences, an epiphany occurred that love is still hope. It makes people see, makes people help, makes people thrive, makes people love again, and again, and again. It is the answer to loneliness to growth to everything. We need it.

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