Symphony of My Life

My life is one great symphony,

So listen to its melody.

The drumbeat is my heartbreak,

The violins are my sorrow,

The low brass proclaims my rage,

The trumpets thunder my thoughts,

While the woodwinds tell my pain.


My life is one great symphony,

So listen to these bars,

The piano tells my story,

Beginning soft and slow,

But then the trumpets play a warning,

And a soloist enters.

She stands strong with trumpet in hand,

She plays a deadly dance,

Both charming and deceptive.

She disappears from the stage

When her solo comes to the end.

The drumbeat starts again.


My life is one great symphony,

So listen to my song.

The drumbeat pounds loudly,

The violins soar,

But another soloist enters,

To calm the mighty roar.

Armed with clarinet,

Her sound soothes the orchestra.

The trumpets support her quietly,

Entranced by her song,

It’s one of love and life,

But then it all goes wrong.

The soloist disappears,

Her song not yet finished.

The drumbeat slams again,

And the violins sound.

The trumpets join in,

A mournful, drowning sea

The conductor throws His arms wide,

His expression one of glee.


My life is one great symphony,

Don’t listen, plug your ears.

You don’t want to hear the realization

Of all my endless fears.

The drumbeat is infinite,

The violins never stop.

But through it all,

You’ll swear you’ll hear,

A trumpet and a clarinet,

Whose sound is swallowed by tears.


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i love yr piece. it's very creative



Thank you, hearing from people that like my writings makes me want to write more.

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