The Day I Grew Pessimistic of The World

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 17:29 -- 'Nita

The day I grew pessimistic of the world

I knew I could longer run under my mother’s breast and curl

The moment I felt the undefined shadow pierce my heart

I had only felt as if it were my missing part

I didn’t fight it

For at the time it only seemed sensible to embrace it 


I had lost my childlike joy.


And so I had lost my faith.


And that was that.


I did not know how to translate this feeling for others around me to understand

Perhaps I still do not know

Words along the tip of my tongue ready to leave my lips crumbled like sand

Why am I feeling so when I am told by family that I can't

I wearily flew around mountains of melancholy and mental squalor not sure if I would ever land


I am told the rough exterior of a Caribbean cannot be penetrated by why do I feel so torn?


Listening to music felt as if the melodic voices of Serge Gainsbourg and Erykah Badou were viewers, looking down and kissing their teeth in pity at my immobile form


I had been ripped of my passion.


And so I felt nothing.


And that was that.


However, I was unaware that sorrow is nothing beyond fleeting seconds

It is only part of life, giving one many methods

In which they can become their better selves and grow

It is foolish to think it is all life offers and to let go 

Living in this world does not require you to lose hope


So keep your childlike joy. 


Keep your faith. 


Keep your passion.


Feel everything.


It’s okay.


...It’s okay.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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