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Who am I? What can I say? The sting of thorns dripping with poison brands my heart as life slips from those eyes that I thought I knew so well. In my state, I have become the doll that mourns in silence. The strings cut that gave me life and allowed me to bring that smile to your face. Who has lost the most? You have passed, the world of life has gone, and now you enter that land of mists.

I, however, have lost you. The one who took a fragile beating heart and patched the holes that were growing greater by the moment.

In the end I, the doll frozen in time, beg for the clock to stop, for it to settle. But it does not. In this final hour, I hold you dearest to me against all words, and meanings this last breath you give takes away the light I had.

As the warmth you had dissipates, I refuse to close my eyes as you have. I desire one last look at your comforting smile. My angel, my rose I wish for you to pass without pain and tears. Do not cry, as I will. I am silent and stilled. Your heart stops, and the world we had crumbles.

my love,

This Is the Final Separation...


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