To Tomorrow


From the beginning I fell. 

I fell slowly. 

I fell hard. 

And I finally landed. 

I landed on my feet as I took off running. 

I ran fron the stone my mothers name lays on. 

I ran from her funeral service. 

I ran from those words. 

Overdose. Suicide. 

As I ran, I grew. 

I grew into a woman. 

I fought through the hell they called High School

I fight through the hell they called Life 

I ran searching for the woman I want to be.

I ran through traffic and I ran through trees. 

I dodged and I weaved. 

I came to a dead end. 

That is when I knew.. 

It's time to fly. 

So I flew. 

To tomorrow. 

A place that was brighter than all my yesterdays. 

A place where I share my love and appreciation for life. 

A place where the cure is a hug and a flower or two. 

I found happiness beyond my sorrow,

Beyond the sadness of death. 

I spoke life into my situation and overcame any darkness that tried so hard to drown me. 

The next time you are down and you're about to fall. 

Just know. 

Your wings will come too. 

Some day. 





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