Heavy once again

Sorrow permanently



Over and over

The insecurities 

Stab like darts

Tears well up 

Out of nowhere

Leaking and spilling

From your scarred

And bruised heart

Trembling hands

Desperately try

To hold a drop

But everything

All the fears

All the anger

All the loneliness

And all the stupid

Miserable tears

Spill endlessly


Cast into shadows

Of others' misery

Problems overcast

By bigger problems

Or so it seems

Bruises and scars

That won't show up

In any scans

Hidden deep inside

Invisible but there

And I ran

Away from the looks

Away from the unspoken

"Stop crying..."

The words

That say to just

Get over it

But saying and doing

Are different 

Don't you think

But hypocrites

Will be themselves

And traitorous hearts

Will reveal their core

Step into the light

Or the shadows

And be a reminder

Of all that you've lost

And everything you

Don't want anymore

Because it hurts

It really aches

And stings 

And burns

A flame that won't 

Go out ever

Not by tears

Not by anything


And mockingly

It haunts you

And comes back

Without so much

As a warning

Leaving you to

Fumble and try

To deal with it

To move over

The hurdle


In your way

Because really

What else is there

To do?

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