To the days...

To the days...


I’m going to take you back many years,

back to when you had very few fears.

Back to the days of seeing isn’t always believing,

and being promised candy is always deceiving.

Back to the days of careless wonder,

and crying at the terrifying sound of thunder.

Back to the days of finding comfort in our fathers,

and knowing he was happy to have two beautiful daughters.

Now back to the day that life ripped at the seams,

and sadness and tears are joined in a stream.

Back to the day when hope seems lost,

And finding yourself drowning in a sea of thoughts.

Back to the day when life not only ripped but crumbled,

And you couldn’t find words, so you just stumbled.

Back to the day when all you did was cry,

And you want back the time that money can’t buy.

Back to the day when my father died,

And before he could see you become a bride.

Now to the present, a day down in infamy,

Trying to stand here with grace and dignity.

Finding it hard to breath and hard to speak,

As I try to stop tears from rolling down my cheek.

I look back and smile and feel no shame,

For I know you don’t feel any more pain.

Now I look to the future and see it without you,

And hold my head up as to not disappoint you.

I look to my future and know that you’re here,

And because your always in my heart I have nothing to fear.


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My family
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