Unsettled Thoughts of You and Me

Through my eyes I see you
In my heart you’re far away… 
You’re far away

In my soul, it knows your name
In my mind you stray
You stray away

In my dreams you roam around
Why can’t you stay?
Please stay a little longer

Lost words tied with disbelief
Can you hear me?

I want to see you one last time
Watch the world live as the birds fly high

I want to see the sparkle in your eyes
Witness the darkness takes over as I become mesmerized

Forsaken to live by day and by night
Hoping that you’ll stay with all my might

I’ve been drowning in my own hope
With this silence I can no longer cope
Oh I’m drowning in my own hopes
When I’m gone, please don’t mourn

Have I been devoured by greed?
Which part of my heart will I have to set free?

To be taunted by the unpredictable
Will I have to yearn for the inevitable?

Lost in the aurora that has no existence
What will become of my sin?

Don’t give me hope if it’s no longer there
Don’t give out kind words if you no longer care

With this silence I can no longer cope
Take the breath out of me
For what will I have to mourn?

Cut me out from limb to bones
In the end I’ll turn into mold 
Give me pills to let the pain unfold
How much longer till this grows old?

I don’t want to feel the thunder in my heart
Striking ever so painful to know that you’re afar

Limb by limb I’m being torn apart
Is this a cruel creation of a new start?

Your fingerprints left on my hands
Silence so cold, I’m unable to understand

Your voice rings throughout my ears
I dreaded time as I watched it disappear 

Dead veins decay as the pounding in my heart slowly fades away

Mind turned numb
What else is there to crave?

Days turn into months
Will we ever be the same?

When your memories begin to deplete
Will you remember me?

When silence turns to eternity
What will become of me?

When time goes on
And I’ve been long gone
Will there still be a place for me to belong?


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