A Girl In A World


A girl sits in this world


waiting for a reaching hand

having no one to look up to

no one to understand

she follows the wrong things

growing up way to fast

her life is like danger

multiplied by 10

she lives behind a shadow

breakin out to the light

what she holds in her hands

is things she despise

she wants her life to be lived as a dream

but she cant because it's hard

no one to guide her on this road for long

she dreamed to be happy

as successful you see

she wants live reality like her favorite dream


a girl sits in this world

she crys

she weeps

she gets emotional like anyone of us

her heart breaks day by night

in need in ones love

shes getting tired of it all

friends and family pass away

day by day

now shes in search or a place to stay

a warm, comfortable , safe home

one she cant explainshe wonders how far she needs to travel

whether its by plane or train

she's confused with her life

it drives her insane

now shes giving up on herself

in a way unexplained


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