You owe me something and I want it back,

the time that I spent and wasted on you has to be refundable.

No love lost or sorrow for you on the doubted side,

charging for emotional hurt that has been cursed on my lonely heart.

Excuses shall be dismissed from this case of law,

for the law of my heart hears nothing but the truth.

Thank you for wasting my time and teaching me a lesson,

No matter what someone tells you always believe your guts first.

In the payment of your lost interest I take away your returns,

deducting the lies that you told.

Now I look clearly and see that everything was an illusion,

my heart blinded my thoughts and my thoughts wanted you back.

Stupid voices in my silly head will get me nowhere in the war of your unwanted love.

Solutions to the problem was for you to leave me and never come back,

had a feeling you would go ghost on me.

I’m nothing to you, sadly I’m sure I mean nothing at all at this very moment,

just another dumb girl in your eyes.

Don’t come back, you’re no longer welcomed to my chamber of pure love.

For this payment I write in tears to the death of you and your wicked ways,

the consequences for you will be never enough.   


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