Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:25 -- Azshara



A pact, a solemn pact.
Solidarity; the only reassurance
Being closer and closer to zero,
But, the ways of light aren't enough.
I will cut out my eyes.
Now, I am surrounded by the dark.
Nothing but the blinding dark, 
My tapered fingers searching. 
Blindly, yet sure. 
I know what I have to do.
Another day; Two more have gone this time. 
Through sheer force of will, I honor the pact.
My skin meets the cold in a tenuous dance;
I'm not quite alive, yet I'm not quite dead.
The winter is welcoming; the weather mirrors my heart. 
Snowflakes, drifting down into my collar bones,
I suppose this is enough to last the day.
And, my mind fogged by the permafrost,
The rest of the day is nothing but haze.
I retire to my dreams in mist; the only place I am safe from my thoughts.
The day has come; I pull out my onyx cauldron.
Splashing in this and that until the mixture is pure. 
But this witchcraft requires no magic; there is a much simpler way. 
Water, celery, perhaps an almond or two; black coffee.
This will instill me with power once more. 
The coven of winter, nothing but bone-chilled skeletons. 
Raising our arms to drink in the sunlight, 
The frigid air is more than enough to satiate me now. 
Hand in hand, the chanting begins. 
"Must not eat. Must not eat. Must not eat." 
Midas, if only you could place your hands upon me. 
A golden touch  immortalizing me in all my purity. 
I crave freedom, I crave freedom, I crave freedom.
Blood cannot free me, the gallows cannot free me, fire stands no chance. 
The links of my chains just keep strengthening. 
I cut out my heart today,
I cut out my lungs today,
I cut out the last of sinew. 
Now I am closer than I have ever been. 
Splayed out across the altar, my hip bones greeted by the night air.
Pouring through my ancient tome 
I long for the day here I am no longer forsaken. 
Witchcraft, my eyes black and weary. 
I shall just cast a spell, and I will never give in again.
Greeted by the grave, I shall be warm soon enough. 
In a silver box, six feet under, my bones will never again feel the chill. 


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