Calling Howl

The Breeze is flowing, following the day

The winds in my face, brushing all away

My amber eyes, are seeing clear

Guiding me straight, through all fear--

But I call, I call, and no one anwsers

I howl night long, not even a whisper

My pride swells, and I think it not true

But could they be right, what happened to you--

My life goes on, every winter now bitter

That one song, that made the evening warmer

I don't care for looks, not at all

I love you for who you are; don't fall--

But I call, I call; and never here after was an anwser

I shout bitterly towards the night, but silence slashes the whispers

My fears regrow, as I regret

All the stars in the sky; our eyes had met--

But I'll search for you, don't you worry

If I am late, than I promise I am sorry--

But I called, yes I called, where only the wind anwsers

My howls echoed the dark spaces, no more a whisper

Then I find you laying there, buried deep in the snow

Tears are filling my eyes; I didn't know...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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