4:15 on the E Train.

4:15 on the E train.

Say your final goodbyes
He says
Tell everyone you love
I love you
"I'm ‘bout to die. Don't cry for me."
I'm not scared.
Play J. Cole's "Farewell"
At my funeral.
I look around me and see nothing but crying faces.
Grown men.
Grown women.
Teenage girls.
A screaming baby.
Maybe the baby screams because it didn't get a fair chance.
Maybe that baby could've saved the world.
What if that baby grew up and figured out life.
Lived in a way in which we never found out how.
All I see are a faces wretched with tears.
I'm not sad for me.
I'm sad for them.
My heart aches for them.
So many people they would be leaving behind.
The old man by the double doors never knew his goodbye to his family this morning was his final goodbye forever.
He'd never see his daughter again.
The wonderful woman she would become.
He'll never get to say, "I'm proud of you son."
I'm not leaving much behind.
Who will truly miss me when I'm gone?
My heart weeps for THEM.
"Times up," the man says as he pulls on the string strapped to his chest.
The heat and flames blur my vision and causes my body to become extremely tense.


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