Feathers scatter in the wind,

But they’re merely the thoughts of doubt.

I let them go with the rest.

Continuing on like always.


That crimson-colored sky

Begins to fade away

I reach towards it,

Knowing nothing could stop

What was about to happen.


I look back at you and smile.

Taking your hands in mine

“I’m sorry.”

I knew that wasn’t enough

For what I was about to do.


I take a step away from you,

Turning my back.

Placing myself on the edge

Knowing I was going to fall,

No matter what I did.

I look over my shoulder

Smiling one last time.


So when I finally fall

I hope you don’t cry,

Because this...

Was bound to happen

My wings were already fading

And so was the smile on my face


I need you to smile and keep going

For I have loved you from

The Beginning 

And I will always be by your side


Wipe your tears away 

Keep walking 

And Remember

Who I used to be



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