dear Sister (i love You)


United States
42° 4' 52.5936" N, 92° 53' 51.45" W

if darkness is night and morning is light
ill take all the dark 
and bring You to My light
if spirits fly and bodies weep
ill give Your body
strength to sleep
if wills do bend and bleed and break 
ill mend Your will
whatever it takes

because You are My strong
and You are My brave
and i thank all My stars
tis You that is safe
because You are My bad
and You are My fight
and i cant live forever
without Your day and night

if dark is the moon and sunshine the light
ill fetch You the sun 
and banish the night
if coldness is sadness and warmness is good
ill find You some cover
as anyone would
if silence is torture and babble relief
ill find You a brook 
to put ease to Your grief

because You are My mischief 
and You are My fears 
and its You that i think of
when My eyes swim with tears
because You are My thunder
and You are My might
and i cant live forever
without Your day and night


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