Her Pain, Strived by Sorrow Helped by the Love of Anothers Tomorrow

I wrote a poem about a girl,
And I though that I'd share it to the world.
So That it would bring hope to the ones That are heart broken,
And help them to find words that are soft spoken.
About the pain in which they feel,
And that maybe one day they to can find love to be real.

"What's the point of being on earth?
If my heart is covered in all this hurt.
If pain seems to the only emotion,
That brings my world to it's empty motion
Stuck in side this empty curse
No where to hide no where to converse."

She asked herself that everyday.
This feelings that strives her heart to say,
"That Love is a fire, anguished by pain,
Sworen by the waves of anxiety, marked by the words of the recent slain."

Her body is a temple, marked by scars
Like an Angel hidden behind chains and bars.
Her mind, unique devine, And true
Lost within a world created and loved by few.

She tends to stare of into space,
Searching for a way to unmask her face.
The lies, the hurt, the pain, and tears
Seemed to be her only fears.

She once knew love, or so she thought.
The man that she once had caught,
Inside her heart, was nothing more then a childish boy,
Looking for one way he could fulfill his joy
By breaking down everything he saw,
And by tearing apart everyone until they would fall.

This girl has been through pain, she's seen the lies
She crys herself to sleep, as if it where her lullaby.
She's given up on this thing called love
Because some man destroyed her everything and above.

She slits her wrist, to rid the pain,
Only to realize it's all the same.
The pain doesn't fulfill her hurt
It only begins to make things worse

She struggling everyday to make it through.
Her beautiful smile, is barely shown.
The pain is taking over like a disease
Causing her to beg and plea.

But what she doesn't see is the boy sitting there,
The one who truly does seem to care.
He wishes for a chance to make her smile
He dreams of the day they could walk the miles.

But he's to afraid to stand up and speak
He gets nervous, he gets cold feet.
He believes this girl deserves more the he,
Because he to, has once shouted out with a plea.

But sooner or later he comes around.
He stand by her even when she frowns.
Her smile becomes his sunshine
His arms become her shelter

She finds happiness with in herself
And he helps guide her everyday.
To be the best she can until her dying day
Because with in her heart he knows she is true
Which is why every day he tells her I love you.

The two fall for one another.
He helps her with a guiding hand,
And the two become one, hand and hand
The scars on her wrist slowly begin to fade away
Because the man she now loves is Here to stay.
She's found her purpose her on earth,
And to them both, it rids them of this curse.



why am i crying in the club right now? oh my lord this is so beautiful. :)) <3


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