Do You Hear It?

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 09:49 -- Crosby


Do you hear it?

Can you hear it?

No, you cannot.

But that is ok,

I don’t expect you to.

But I hear yours.


That I do.


No, you cannot hear my heart.

The thump, the pulse,

The beat, the cadence.

How can you?

What ear can hear that which

It does not listen for?


Yours though I hear.

The rhythm,

The symphony,

The orchestra,

How can I?

I listen.

I hear your joy.

I hear your sorrow.

I hear your laughter.

I hear your tears.

I hear your love.

I hear your hate.

I listen,

And I hear.


Be not ashamed my friend,

I do not expect my heart

To reach your ears.

It hides in caves

Muffled by darkness

Few have heard its song

Sadly they are gone.


Your heart though is a siren

It sings its song

It draws me in

I listen

I love it

Whether you realize or not

I’m always listening

It is what I do

Though you hear not mine

I hear yours

I still love it

And always will.

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