To Spencer:

I just gave you the link to my account.

I'm hoping you don't hate me for this.

But I wouldn't blame you if you did.

To say I was hurt would be an understatement...

In fact, for awhile, I couldn't look into your eyes.

When we saw Finding Dory, we both were uncomfortable...


But I want to try again.

I miss us.

And I know that half of it was my fault.

Because that's how this works.

I just wish that it wasn't her...

Because I was betrayed on both ends.

But let's forget about her, shall we?

In fact, let's start over.

"I'm Charr.

I'm a singer and bassist for this really fucking cool Riot Grrrl band.

 My favorite band is My Chemical Romance and I actually met the lead singer.

I have faded orange hair and my eyes change color.

I'm too pale and I have no friends.

I'm a bit pudgy, but I kinda like it.

What's your name?"

And then it could be like when we first met.

And you're in Mrs. Fandino's class.

And you refuse to talk to a creep like me.

Because you like the other girl with orange hair...

And suddenly we're back to where we started

And you're just another daydream 

But that's just how life works for me...

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