Was It Worth It?


You took them over us

      Guys, Men all for lust

Smoke your weed

     Feed your inner need

Years of waiting never throwing a fuss

    Waiting for you wanting to see you, a must

You took your pills

     Didn’t care who it hurt, who it kills

Didn’t care about your own kids needs

      Every game you missed

As you were smoking your weed

      Every Christmas we wished

For something more than a gift

        But you never stayed

All the games you played

        We were the ones who payed

And I used to wish

        That I’d be good enough for you to miss

And I’d make a wish

       But now I see it was never me

So tell me

    Did it take your pain away?

Is that why you never stay?

   Don’t apologize to me

Look at yourself and maybe you’ll see

           The monster you’ve come to be

Only a monster

            You were never a mother to me

So was it worth it?

        All the things you missed

Your kids growing up at you constantly pissed

          All of our lives, you completely missed

So tell me

Was it worth it?


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