This Is A Story


So this is a story of a boy and a girl

Who wanted to run away from the rest of the world

Their lives were so different

From the ones we all know

They hid their emotions

Never let them show


They are the ones that sit behind a quiet desk

Always the ones to ace the test

But always searching for something more

Perhaps it was love they were looking for


Their hearts have been broken one too many times

They feel something for each other

But they are friends and that's where they draw the line


The boy believes they will never work

But hiding under that girls' flirtatious smirk

She leaves her true emotions left to smother

Not even know by her own mother


She wishes for him all the time

So much her heart has considered it a crime

And sometimes she wonders what's under his smile

Would he walk the extra mile?

To see her eyes filled with happy tears

And the light on her face releasing all her fears


So this is not a story of a boy and a girl

Who had everything they ever wanted in the world

This is a story of pain and sorrow

That they just wish would end tomorrow.



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