Why would I?

I met a fanastic woman last year

A woman who cries no tears

A woman who has no fears

She does not cried or complain for respect

She does not forget or nelgect


She does not judge or holds a grudge

Somewhere along the way I fell in love

I never knew it hit me like a wave

All of sudden life did not seem so grave

I will never know how I fell in her embrace 


It probably was went she spoke with such an euphonious grace

In class her words made sense

It made me feel cleasne 

She explains what wrong with community

Who would have known a simple class assignment 


Would put my heart in realignment 

I knew those words were clean, pure and crystal

I knew I should have told her how I feel

But I did not think she felt the same way

I  blew it big time


At the greatest stage

I fell into rage

I talking about Graduation day

There she was, standing with her hair curly

And fresh


I want to tell her what she done to me

But at the moment

I froze and let her walk away

Why would I?

Why would I?

Why would I?


How could you hesitant? I ask myself

I let her slip through my fingertips 

Like smoke

Now without her, my life has become a joke





Guide that inspired this poem: 



I like the how the poem is very reflective in the middle it kind of tells you a story about how the guy fell in love with woman. 

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