Every time I write

I just want to find a way

To tell you the same thing

With words that are new

Every time I write

I hope this time someone will hear me differently

Every time I write

I think this time I will be cured

This time I'll stop hurting

It doesn't matter how many times

I call my mom to cry

I doesn't matter how many times

We say we don't feel alive

Not much is good

Not much is good

I say that a lot because I have to believe that something something is good

Love is good but you can't kiss away the pain

Twenty years of tears taught me that

Twenty years of tears taught me

Everyone is sad

No one is gonna fix it for you

Twenty years whispered in my ears

“Ya know, it feels worse because it's 3 in the morning”

Yeah I know, but I can't just make the sun rise right now

I can't change nature

I can't make everyone happy

I can't make anyone happy

I can only comfort you with these words

I'll cradle you all in the blanket

That makes you feel like you are not alone

Because no, you are not

But you must also realize, that you are

Maybe you are the only one on this earth

You have no way of knowing the truth

This is me repeating old poems

They all have the same meaning

Not much is bad

Sure, that one is harder to believe

But if I keep saying

Goodness I am so lucky

one day maybe it will stick

Lucky lucky lucky

People will tell you luck isn't real

Isn't unlucky that they don't know?

I have people that love me!

I have food to eat and a warm home!

I have you and me right now!

I have this moment to tell you what I think

We have this moment to consider what we have

That doesn't mean we can't be sad

But at least we don't have to be!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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