Rehab for Hunger

Hello. My name is Hunger and, I'm a whore.

I think I've seen many of you here before...

Allow me to explain.


When the land, kisses the sunlight

And, day turns into night,

Men often call upon me and they say:

Hunger, I am lonely.

Hunger, I was mistreated Hunger

Won't you come and please me

So that I have something to believe in

My question, is this:

Don't you ever tire of being hungry?

Don't you, ever tire, of being hungry?

Don't you ever tire of being hungry

Don't you call me in the middle of the night!


Men like you, are the reason Daddy left mommy

Men like you, are the reason little boys and little girls go missing

And I, carve cavaties into the bloated stomachs of teenage mothers

And I, turn teenage boys into fathers

So maybe, we're both to blame and

Maybe, we're both the same but

Men like you?

Men like you are hungry because

No one ever bothered to fill you entirely and completely

With Love.


Oh yes, that

Delectable, changeable, misleading little thing

Called Love.

She isn't here, but she should be she's just as

Infectious, as me but for some reason men are more likely,

To call upon me see

I give them what they crave,

Not, what they need I

Fulfill their desires for the time being see,

My name isn't Love...

And I suppose it's not really Hunger, either.

Allow me to re-introduce myself.


Hello. My name,

Is Lust.


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