The Darkness in Love

I never knew how much it would hurt

I assumed it was an innocent emotion

How can such innocence

Hold something so dark

June 23, 2016

The day I first saw you

The day I fell in love with


A name I cannot say anymore

That night was when our worlds collided

No, our worlds combined

I saw your soul that night

Like a pure fantasy

That fantasy wouldn't last long

June 30, 2016

Your choice would affect my life

It's either him or me

I make you happy

I make you feel safe

I make you feel home

He makes you feel heartbreak

He makes you feel grief

He makes you feel solitude

I waited for you decision

We meet

Your expression tells me your choice

My emotions in a storm

I look into your eyes

Holding back my tears

You tell me

"I'm sorry..."

My heart shatters

I hold you for one last time

My tears soak your bright pink shirt

"I love you, goodbye..."

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