Alienated bloodline

Nine days back turned I 28

Today you went away

Though rarely you made your presence

Which felt so strange and out of place

And it's Corona and no friends to pay 

the last to you of farewells


Who is to cry above your grave?

My mother, aunt and brothers

And we know not the last your day

Of thoughts you thought

Of what you were afraid,

The bloodline, which is so far away


I think of you more than before

It seizes me as I breathe in and out

I never had a chance to know you more

You were so far as a wandering cloud


There is little I can do


To make acquaintance 

Finally with you

Through the lines 

and spaces 

you played with, once 

and again

And this you knew very well by then

So we could sit and talk, being not afraid of shame

As the paper is the strongest matter

That endures it all.


This poem is about: 
My family
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