Just a Drive

My eyes feel heavy and burn.

Maybe I'm sleep deprived

Maybe I should try to take a nap

Maybe I just need to sleep


All i want to do is sleep

Sleep, cause my dreams are in my control

Sleep, cause I'm a better person there

Sleep, cause there I can be a hero

Maybe I'm just tired


I'm just tired of it all

Tired of you, me, us

Tired of what we used to be

Tired of what we are now

I just need to get out


All I want to to is get out

Get out of state

Get out of this world

Get out of this dimension

Maybe I need to forget


All I want is to forget

Forget what just happen

Forget how you made me smile

Forget how you make me cry

I don't want to do anything


I don't want to say goodbye anymore

I don't want to say hello to anyone

I don't want to repeat the story again

I don't want to play the song anymore


I'm just sleepy

I'm just tired

I just want to get out

I just want to forget

No more goodbye's

No more hello's

Just a drive


I'm just sleepy

I'm just tired

I just want to breathe.

I just want to stand

No more guilt

No more regrets

Just a drive

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