Queen of my Castle


The wild outburst of love
Led me to times where I endlessly write
It was an urge to bring out the emotions
That I continuously chose to fight
L-o-v-e, a blessing or heartbreak, we all may not retain
Had me up all night, gazing at lights, with my lover and friend, again and again
It was the way we’d cuff and the way we’d lust that brought us to our notepad and pen

They say, love cannot be described; it’s a feeling that’s hard to reveal
Just knowing the sensation and refusing the worst temptations is what made me keep my lips sealed
Others believed in confrontation, the slickest way to get passed a situation
But my words would slur, by the time I get the urge (pause)
To speak of the past and say “I’m done with that”
Crying and ranting can’t ever keep me sane, but there were constant notions of my fear and my pain
After a long day of sorrow, and regaining strength for tomorrow, we strayed…to our notepad and pen... Once again

Our relationship was no longer ditzy and dandy; others didn’t acknowledge the sparks before the burn
Though I try to not think of all the endings, some say they’re glad that I learned
To be optimistic and stray away from what’s’ bleak. And to also appreciate the new opportunities that may seek—Me
L-o-v-e has not been destroyed or hated. I am lucky that this was the ground to where a true writer was created
What entwined us emotionally, though now that were apart, was the notepad and pen…that bandaged the chambers of my heart

Two years have passed; Memories slowly fade, but my happiness still lasts
I can refer back to the moments that made me endure life, and all the everlasting times I’ve been referred to as a “wife”
One thing remained, I am still the ruler of my Castle—where I dictate what’s written and what best describes me. Where I pour out my thoughts that no one ever has to see
Where I can grow as whole and be a guide others may need. And appreciate the joy and acquaintances that life has brought me. It’s all worthwhile, especially when I have my best friend
It has never left my side….MY notepad and pen

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